Open Theses

Developing a Technical Debt Registry for a Multi-Project Environment

“In software-intensive systems, technical debt is a collection of design or implementation constructs that are expedient in the short term, but set up a technical context that can make future changes more costly or impossible. Technical debt presents an actual or contingent liability whose impact is limited to internal system… Read more

Towards The Refactoring of Enterprise Architecture Smells

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline for holistically organizing and modeling strategic assets (e.g. business processes, IT infrastructure). The resulting EA models are then used by architects to support and steer decision-making processes toward the desired state of the enterprise. To support continuous quality improvement of EA models, the architects… Read more

Determining Thresholds for Detecting Enterprise Architecture Smells

Enterprise Architecture Smells (EA Smells) indicate possible weaknesses in an EA structure. Various EA metrics have been proposed as tools to detect EA smells, and the effectiveness of the detection solely lies on the applied metric thresholds, which determine whether the detected EA smell indicates a valid threat to EA… Read more