Current Theses

2019-031 - Lukas Bernwald - Bachelor Thesis

Development of an Automated Combinatorial Testing Framework

Combinatorial testing is an effective and efficient approach to functional testing. However, most existing tools only support test modeling via plain strings. As a result, the generated tests are represented as a file with comma-separated values (CSV) which must be parsed and interpreted for automated execution. Our goal is to… Read more

2019-015 - Kateryna Prokhorova - Master Thesis

A Framework for Cost-aware Combinatorial Testing

Making Combinatorial Testing Aware of Expected Results Combinatorial testing evolved as an effective and efficient approach to generate test cases to reveal interaction faults [1, 2]. While there are a lot of different algorithms that allow to generate test suites of minimal size, the integration of expected results is… Read more

2019-014 - Aleksandr Grinspun - Bachelor Thesis

Performance Benchmarking of PHP-based Microservices Architectures

Microservices architecture fosters numerous quality aspects of software systems; however, it may also introduce performance overhead due to many factors, e.g. the communication protocol among the services or the employed persistence tools. This study explores the performance aspects of microservices architecture to identify performance issues and to find solution alternatives… Read more