Current Theses

2022-001 - Yevheniia Kashperuk - Master Thesis

Towards the Modelling of Enterprise Architecture Debt

Enterprise architecture debt (EA debt) has been defined as the deviation between the current state of the enterprise and the hypothetical idea state thereof [1]. If not managed properly, EA debt can set up a context in which future evolution can be more expensive or even impossible [2]. One of… Read more

2021-020 - Byoungkyu Park - Master Thesis

Scalable, high-performance data validation in hydrometeorological applications

The quality assurance of hydrometeorological data has been a focus of meteorologists and hydrologists for decades and even centuries. So far, the driving force for the validation process has been a human being, nowadays using software tools to support data visualization and editing actions. With the availability of more, higher-resolution… Read more

2021-014 - Ada Slupczynski - Master Thesis

Towards a Framework for Evaluating the Prudence of Enterprise Architecture Debts

Enterprise architecture (EA) debt represents deviations between evolution of IT architecture and the target picture thereof. It stems from not only an inadvertent behavior within the enterprise environment but also a deliberate attempt to cope with business constraints. When considering an EA debt, it is only necessary to ensure that… Read more

2021-012 - Ather Maqsood - Master Thesis

Viewpoint-Based Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Debt

Enterprise architecture (EA) debt represents the deviation in the process of fulfilling the target picture of EA. It introduces both monetary and nonmonetary consequences to the organization, such as sunk costs, increasing operational costs, and difficulties for future strategic executions. To deal with EA debts, all relevant stakeholders must first… Read more