Current Theses

2020-012 - Alexander Schnackenberg - Master Thesis

Development of a Web-based Combinatorial Testing Framework

References ROBUSTA – Combinatorial Robustness Testing Info Type: Bachelor Thesis Status: Current ID: 2020-010 Student: Barry-Detlef Lehmann Language: German, English Supervisor: Konrad Fögen (E-Mail)… Read more

2020-010 - Barry-Detlef Lehmann - Bachelor Thesis

Towards The Identification of Process Smells in Enterprise Architecture

Business processes constitute an integral element of Enterprise Architecture (EA) that fulfills both business interests and operations resources. Therefore, the quality of business processes and their descriptions need to be rigorously maintained, and one major attempt is to identify any weaknesses in their design. Recent research has referred to such… Read more

2020-009 - Jörn-Michael Miehe - Bachelor Thesis

Tool-Supported Detection of Enterprise Architecture Smells

The structure of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) is guided by business requirements, which often must change to cope with dynamic opportunities and threats. Such changes greatly influence the value of the current EA structure in that some parts may no longer be suitable and, hence, need to be adapted/replaced. If… Read more