Current Theses

2018-07 - Kaloyan Todorov - Bachelor Thesis

Extending COMET

Extending COMET Based on our Compliance testing tool COMET the following extensions should be implemented. New Test-/Compliancetechnologies BDD – buiness-driven testing Performance – Gaitlin, JMeter Meta-Testing: Import of external test results external Services (Security Scanner, Nessus, OpenVAS) Unit-Reports Coverage OWASP Dependency License – BlackDuck Multi-Propose languages: Java, Groovy – Arqullian… Read more

DevOps: Let’s make JARVIS cloud-native

Let’s make JARVIS cloud-native We want to extend our application framework for smart continuous delivery JARVIS. In general there are three areas of challenges for moving into the cloud. Scalability: adapt the framework be be elastic DevOps: integrate JARVIS with Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift for Development Integration: integrate the JARVIS into… Read more

2018-005 - Nikhitha Rajashekar - Master Thesis

Comparing Graph Analytic Approach To Analyze Enterprise Architecture Models

Comparing Graph Analytic Approach To Analyze Enterprise Architecture Models Introduction An Enterprise is one complex system which comprises human,software,hardware and technology components. In Enterprise, it is difficult for the single person to understand how the things are working together. So there is a Enterprise architecture(EA) which creates a visual representation… Read more

Reconstructing Input Parameter Models from Combinatorial Test Suites

Reconstructing Input Parameter Models from Combinatorial Test Suites Combinatorial interaction testing (CIT) is a black box testing approach which generates a set of (abstract) test cases from a given input parameter model. Existing algorithms try to minimize the number of test cases while preserving a certain coverage of the… Read more

2018-006 - Stefan Ossendorf - Master Thesis

Model-driven Test Script Generation from Abstract Test Data Models

Model-driven Test Script Generation from Abstract Test Data Models Application systems represent an important group of software systems in today’s companies. One main characteristic of these systems is their usage of databases to store customer or product information. However, the databases can add additional complexity to the testing activities… Read more

2018-001 - Sebastian Rabenhorst - Master Thesis

Combining Constraint Solving and Genetic Algorithms to solve Knapsack Problems

Motivation Aspera offers strategic software license management solutions that are supported by  SmartTrack. SmartTrack is a software solution that allows automated software license management and optimization for many different software products. In this thesis we will focus on the distribution of Microsoft SQL Server licenses in single and multi-cluster environments,… Read more

2017-012 - Presha Rajbhandary - Master Thesis

Systematic Customer Comparison based on Meta-Data

Aspera is a software company mainly based in Aachen. Aspera offers three solutions namely: SmartTrack, SAMi and SLC. It has more than 200 clients and specializes in license management. It assists in the calculation of license demand and creates lots of potentials for saving. It is interesting how customers use… Read more

2018-004 - Umair Abbas Hayat - Master Thesis

Estimating Refactoring Efforts of Code Smells

Motivation. Code Smells detection approaches commonly provide an exhaustive list of refactoring. However, not all the code smells are important to be refactored. To find an important factor, there several studies have proposed, they introduced a severity score, context-driven, bug and change proneness etc. Although the studies identified these important factors… Read more