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2019-013 - Johannes Salentin - Bachelor Thesis

Towards a Catalogue of Enterprise Architecture Smells

Towards a Catalogue of Enterprise Architecture Smells Introduction Code Smells are well known in the domain of Technical Debt. They hint at common bad habits that may impair the future quality of the software system. By detecting those Code Smells it is possible to suggest a better solution or, at… Read more

2016-012 - Namitha Raj Basavarajappa - Master Thesis

Systematic Classification and Prioritization of Code Smells based on Historical Data

Background “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke Code smells detection tool detect an anomaly code based on current structural information (i.e., metrics). This information is quite important for selecting refactoring candidates either for current or next releases. However, not all detected code smells are… Read more

2016-011 - Martin Kühn - Master Thesis

A metadata-based approach for the generation of performance test data

Performance testing is an important measure to provide a high software quality. For that, the software is observed processing a big or particularly formed input data set regarding speed and stability of the processing. It is a big challenge to find useful test data for performance testing. Randomly generated… Read more

2016-010 - Tiago Antunes - Bachelor Thesis

Tool-Assisted Error Log Analysis and Monitoring

2016-004 – Tiago Antunes – Bachelor Thesis Background Aspera is a highly specialized provider of software asset management solutions. Aspera’s main product is SmartTrack: a software asset management tool used by hundreds of companies worldwide. SmartTrack uses emails containing error logs as the main way to communicate failures in… Read more

2016-009 - Jan-Hendrik Telke - Bachelor Thesis

Enhancing Lazzer for Metric-based RTO Strategies

2016-009 – Jan-Hendrik Telke – Bachelor Thesis Abstract Regression testing is common practice to reduce bugs in software projects. Even though test cases are often automated, test execution takes a significant amount of time. Increasingly so on huge software projects or if testing needs to be performed for different configurations… Read more

2016-008 - Daniel Schiller - Master Thesis

Entwicklung eines werkzeuggestützten Ansatzes zum Modell-basierten Testen von Versicherungsanwendungen

Entwicklung eines werkzeuggestützten Ansatzes zum Modell-basierten Testen von Versicherungsanwendungen Anwendungssysteme für Versicherungen enthalten meist viele komplexe Regeln, um den verschiedensten Produkt-, Kunden- und Regulierungsansprüchen zu entsprechen. Dadurch und durch die Art der Abhängigkeiten zwischen Produkt- und Kundenmerkmalen ist es sehr zeit- und kostenintensiv diese Anwendungssystem zu testen. Unter dem Begriff… Read more

2016-007 - Shilpa Sreenivasa - Master Thesis

Development of a Runt-time Data Integration Framework in a JVM Environment

Data Integration can be defined as the process of combining data from different sources in order to provide unified perspective of data, based on which important business decisions can be made. Such an integration platform should be capable of handling heterogeneous data from huge number of sources. The number of… Read more

2016-006 - Waqas Ahmad - Master Thesis

Development of a Technical Debt Identification Infrastructure

Background Each organization aims to achieve a high quality software product that meet schedule and budget. However, to achieve such aim seems impossible. It is because each factor is limited and tradeoff between them cannot be avoided. Therefore, the trade off/compromise takes part in software product as a… Read more

2016-005 - Ekaterina Lobanova - Master Thesis

Developing a Tool to Support Synthetic Test Data Generation for Performance Testing of Application Systems

Developing a Tool to Support Synthetic Test Data Generation for Performance Testing of Application Systems Application systems represent an important group of software systems in today’s companies. One main characteristic of these systems is their usage of databases to store customer or product information. However, the databases can add additional… Read more

2016-001 - Eiko Schuddebeurs-Kerinnis - Master Thesis

Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Algorithmus zum Planieren einer Schweißbahn mittels Laserabtrag

Bei einem aktuellen Forschungsprojekt im Bereich des adaptiven Laserabtrags wird an der Reparatur von oberflächenstrukturierten Werkzeugen geforscht. Ein Zwischenschritt dieses Projektes ist die Planierung einer Schweißbahn mittels Laserabtrag. Für die klassische Strukturierung von Oberflächen müssen zunächst die zu einer Struktur (Dreiecksnetz) und einer Ausgangsfläche (NURBS-Fläche) passenden Werkzeugbahnen in einem… Read more