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2020-011 - Semih Burak - Bachelor Thesis

Constructing Input Parameter Models from Sample Data

Black-box testing is nowadays unavoidable, especially when it comes to system or acceptance testing. The main problem in testing a function or system “completely” is the fact that testing the large number of possible input value combinations is practically unfeasible. One successful strategy to reduce the number of test cases… Read more

2020-008 - Eric Maßelter - Master Thesis

Generating Error-Constraints for Combinatorial Robustness Testing

Robustness constitutes an important characteristic of software components and systems. To evaluate this feature, the testing of negative scenarios is essential. Triggering error handling, however, might terminate the system under test before testing all values and value combinations of a negative test case. As a result, faults might remain undetected… Read more

2019-028 - Lukas Bernwald - Bachelor Thesis

Development of an Automated Combinatorial Testing Framework

Combinatorial testing is a sophisticated testing technique to reduce the amount of testing that would be necessary for exhaustive testing while still providing a similar value. It does so by specifying the coverage criterion, that all t combinations of input values of a system should be covered by a test… Read more

2019-026 - Lukas Lauterbach - Bachelor Thesis

Framework for the technical layer in behavior-driven development

Framework for the technical layer in behavior-driven development Abstract Automated end-to-end tests allow to check the correct functioning of web applications but introduce effort for developing and maintaining the tests. The effort is increased when a core software is tailored to customer needs resulting in multiple variations. The scenario-based testing… Read more

2019-025 - Marco Bähr - Master Thesis

Developing an Operator Framework for Kubernetes

Operators are a concept that allow the integration of application specific knowledge into Kubernetes. An operator extends the Kubernetes API by creating a custom resource and it’s implementation in form of a custom controller. The operator needs to be notified on changes of API objects in order to adjust the… Read more

2019-023 - Raoul Offizier - Bachelor Thesis

State of the Art in Defensive Programming

Software is now important in almost all areas of society and is used by almost everyone everywhere. Dependence on software and the need for developers to secure their code is increasing very rapidly in times of growing cybersecurity threats. Errors can have serious consequences, which is why software needs to… Read more

2019-018 - Daniel Höppe - Bachelor Thesis

Industrial IoT: Edge Device App Store & Digital Twins

Manufacturing companies need to be more efficient, productive and achieve new environmental standards while still providing low-cost products with regard to the competition. A digital production enables large-scale productivity gains, but also requires large amounts of data. As production environments are inherently heterogeneous it is often not easy to record… Read more

2019-011 - Bastian Greber - Master Thesis

A Large-Scale Industrial Case Study of Continuous Delivery with JARVIS

A Large Scale Industrial Case Study of Continuous Delivery with JARVIS Motivated by current problems in continuous delivery the JARVIS continuous delivery reference  architecture was developed. Such problems are for example complex delivery processes that are not efficiently supported by the delivery system. This thesis evaluates the concepts of… Read more