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2018-017 - Sabir Alizada - Master Thesis

DevOps: Continuous Performance Testing

Performance is a key factor for the success of a software application. In research we find the established area of “Performance Engineering”. However, research on integrating performance test in the emerging field of DevOps and Continuous Delivery is yet to be done. This thesis deals with the problem of… Read more

2018-004 - Umair Abbas Hayat - Master Thesis

Estimating Refactoring Efforts of Code Smells

Motivation. Code Smells detection approaches commonly provide an exhaustive list of refactoring. However, not all the code smells are important to be refactored. To find an important factor, there several studies have proposed, they introduced a severity score, context-driven, bug and change proneness etc. Although the studies identified these important factors… Read more

2017-018 - Harris Kristano Husien - Master Thesis

Automated Activity-based Assessment of Code Smells

Code smells are any design flaws in the code level which give a harmful effect to the system. In prioritizing the harmful effect of code smells, the current studies heavily use the critical score of that code smell. However, the historical information of these code smells might give a hint… Read more

2017-017 - Shuo Wang - Master Thesis

Developing a Concept for Transformations and Refactorings of Domain Models for a Model-based Testing Tool

Developing a Concept for Transformations and Refactorings of Domain Models for a Model-based Testing Tool Database-driven application systems represent an important group of software systems in today’s companies: E-Commerce shops managing customer and product data as well as accepting orders, healthcare or insurance systems managing accident histories and claims or… Read more

2017-016 - Marco Moscher - Master Thesis

Continuous Compliance Testing

Continuous Compliance Testing Motivation This master thesis is motivated by the technical debt of security aspects, which arise due to increasing software and infrastructure complexity. Beside the challenges of growing pace in software development and the automation process of different stages like building, testing and deployment to provide reproducible… Read more

2017-012 - Presha Rajbhandary - Master Thesis

Systematic Customer Comparison based on Meta-Data

Aspera is a software company mainly based in Aachen. Aspera offers three solutions namely: SmartTrack, SAMi and SLC. It has more than 200 clients and specializes in license management. It assists in the calculation of license demand and creates lots of potentials for saving. It is interesting how customers use… Read more

2017-009 - Andre Mann - Master Thesis

Traceability für ein Modell-basiertes Werkzeug zum Testen von Versicherungsanwendungen auf Basis von Eclipse und Xtext

Traceability für ein Modell-basiertes Werkzeug zum Testen von Versicherungsanwendungen auf Basis von Eclipse und Xtext Anwendungssysteme für Versicherungen enthalten meist viele komplexe Regeln, um den verschiedensten Produkt-, Kunden- und Regulierungsansprüchen zu entsprechen. Dadurch und durch die Art der Abhängigkeiten zwischen Produkt- und Kundenmerkmalen ist es sehr zeit- und kostenintensiv diese… Read more

2017-008 - Nils Christian Hans - Master Thesis

Integration of a Software Asset Management Tools into Heterogeneous Environments

Data warehouses employ Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to integrate information from heterogeneous sources into a single repository, thus supporting management decisions with a global view on data across the organization. Deriving, documenting and validating requirements is referred to as requirements engineering (RE). The research community emphasizes the importance of thorough and… Read more

2017-007 - Hans Christian Schmitz - Bachelor Thesis

Optimization of Data Utilization at Aspera

This thesis deals with the optimization of data utilization at Aspera, especially Life Sign data. More precisely, the usage of the Life Sign data at the moment is limited whereas the potential of a Life Sign analysis is high. Coming closer to revealing this potential is the main aspect of… Read more

2017-003 - Leonidas Lazos - Master Thesis

Web and Mobile: Cross-Platform Development with JavaScript Technologies

Nowadays, mobile devices are getting increasingly important. Especially after the expansion of mobile networks and the support of LTE standards, mobile devices are a very important tool in everyday business. Therefore, there is a growing demand for mobile applications. In the area of mobile devices, there are different operating systems. Read more