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2020-030 - Bernd Schoolmann - Bachelor Thesis

Multi-cluster resource usage optimization by dynamic compute node borrowing

Compute Resource Lending Across Multiple Clusters Abstract This thesis investigates the problem of sharing resources between different compute clusters by lending them. In order to solve the problem, a software architecture in the form of a framework is provided. The central mechanism to manage the borrowing of resources consists of… Read more

2020-026 - Valentin Dasbach - Bachelor Thesis

Layouting of generated ArchiMate-based EA models

Layouting of generated ArchiMate-based EA models The discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an established approach to model and manage the interaction of businesses processes and IT in an organization. Thereby, the EA model as a central artifact of EA is subject to a continuous evolution caused by multiple sources of changes. This… Read more

2020-022 - Gregorius Ian Halisantoso - Bachelor Thesis

Development of a Metric Selection Tool

Metrics are valuable for a software company to assess the quality of their software in several aspects. However, selecting suitable metrics to gain the appropriate insight is not a trivial matter. Even though many frameworks for selecting metrics exist, the metric selection process is usually done by humans which is… Read more

2020-019 - Frederic Gorski - Bachelor Thesis

Knowledge Modeling for cross-organizational DevOps Teams

Knowledge Modeling for cross-organizational DevOps Teams DevOps is a well known means to support the development of software by removing the borders between development and operations teams in software development projects. Software is continuously evolving and is not finished after it is shipped to the customer. Thus, DevOps strives… Read more

2020-018 - Tim Jentzsch - Bachelor Thesis

Progress Monitoring for an Introductory Course in Programming

Progress Monitoring for an Introductory Course in Programming Note: This thesis topic is strongly related to the preliminary course in programming that is offered in German language only. Thus a basic level in the German language is required. Abstract The RWTH Aachen University offers a preliminary course in computer science… Read more

2020-017 - Joshua Bonn - Master Thesis

Test Case Prioritization for Combinatorial Testing

Combinatorial testing is a model-based black-box testing technique which aims to reduce the number of required test cases while still providing high failure detection capabilities. To this end, it divides the input and environment of the system under test into a finite number of parameters and values. The combinatorial coverage… Read more

2020-016 - Anton Stanchev - Bachelor Thesis

A framework for the visual exploration of workflow schedules

A framework for the visual exploration of workflow schedules Scheduling is a part of every multitasking system. It is crucial to its performance and that is why it is important to be able to monitor it. This way the system can be maintained, improved and some useful meta information can… Read more

2020-015 - Leonhard Wattenbach - Bachelor Thesis

Generator for Software Configuration Web Interfaces

Generator for Software Configuration Web Interfaces Customizing software by setting parameter values is an efficient approach to supply customers with a software that matches their needs, while reusing common parts which thus only have to be written and debugged once. But with a growing extent of configurability, managing the parameter… Read more

2020-010 - Barry-Detlef Lehmann - Bachelor Thesis

Towards a Catalogue of Process-Related Enterprise Architecture Smells

Process anti-patterns are a common technique for documenting counterproductive solutions to reoccurring problems. Process smells document a similar thing while only signaling that they could be a potential problem. Research, in this field, has analyzed and characterized anti-patterns in business processes; however, these business processes are mostly modeled in BPMN,… Read more

2019-021 - Joel Hermanns - Master Thesis

Continuous Operations in the Context od Edge Computing

Modern infrastructure and software systems are moving away from central data centers or cloud regions towards the edge of the infrastructure closer to the user. This trend results in highly distributed architecture for the software and imposes new problems and challenges for the operators of the software. Due to the… Read more