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2019-003 - Marcel Müller - Master Thesis

Resource-efficient Task Scheduling for Hybrid Clouds

Task Planning for Hybrid Clouds Hybrid clouds may enable a more cost effective and faster data processing in scenarios with a constant base load accompanied by periodical peaks. While cloud computing resources offer a greater flexibility and are thereby well suited to handle peak loads, on-premise resources tend to be… Read more

2018-016 - Mahmoud Kassem - Master Thesis

Domain Knowledge Discovery in Software Systems

Domain Knowledge Discovery in Software Systems When applying Domain-Driven Design to an existing software project with the aim to transform a monolith into microservices, the first step is to discover the underlying domain knowledge. Discovering the domain knowledge manually from scratch (e.g., through discussion with domain experts)… Read more

2018-015 - Pooja Sompura Harisha - Master Thesis

Development of Quality Model for Domain Models

Development of Quality Model for Domain Models Domain knowledge is an extensive understanding of the business, organization, process and industry. It is crucial in expounding and solving domain specific problems. To gain domain knowledge, domain analysis is performed by identifying domains, binding them, discovering commonalities and variabilities among the… Read more

2018-014 - Joshua Bonn - Bachelor Thesis

Automated Fault Localization for Combinatorial Testing

Automated Fault Localization for Combinatorial Testing Combinatorial testing is a model-based testing technique. It guarantees that at least one test case covers any combination between values of t or less parameters. Most combinatorial testing is done manually, but there are also attempts to integrate it into automated testing frameworks. Read more

2018-013 - Jonas Hollm - Master Thesis

Software Architecture Assessment for the Cloud

Nowadays most organizations run their software systems in the cloud to benefit from high availability and reduced costs. Applications that are constructed such that they take advantage of cloud capabilities are called cloud-native. It is important to ensure that cloud-hosted applications are actually cloud-native, since otherwise the advantages of the… Read more

2018-012 - Nuntapromote Titiruck - Master Thesis

Adapting Regression Test Optimization for Continuous Delivery

Adapting Regression Test Optimization for Continuous Delivery Continuous delivery is nowadays a popular software engineering approach that is adopted by many organizations. Due to the nature of continuous delivery where software is produced in short cycles in an automated manner, the role of regression testing becomes increasingly crucial in order… Read more

2018-011 - Viktor Schneider - Bachelor Thesis

Entwicklung eines Modell-basierten Werkzeugs zur Vermessung von Software Landschaften

In dieser Bachelorarbeit wurde ein Werkzeug entwickelt, welches eine beziehungsweise die Systemlandschaft der IVU vermisst. Dies ist in drei grundlegenden Schritten geschehen. Das erste Ziel war es die Metriken der einzelnen Systeme einzusammeln, danach sollte es dem Nutzer ermöglicht werden diese Daten auszuwerten, indem aggregierte Metriken erstellt werden. Als Letztes… Read more

2018-010 - Leon König - Bachelor Thesis

A Self-Service for Complex Infrastructures

The definition and provisioning process of an infrastructure is a very extensive activity. Computing and networking capabilities have to be provisioned as well as the software to be installed. Considering concepts like microservices, the complexity of these infrastructures even increases. Additionally, one has to keep track of the state of… Read more

2018-009 - Lukas Schade - Bachelor Thesis

Evaluation of Regression Test Optimization Strategies

Evaluation of Regression Test Optimization Strategies Abstract Regression testing is an important part of software development. Though it helps to uncover bugs, long running test suites prevent short feedback loops and developers get distracted by other tasks in the meantime. The consequences are increasing costs for software development. This is… Read more