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2018-008 - Soosaithasan, Fabian - Bachelor Thesis

Reconstructing Input Parameter Models from Combinatorial Test Suites

Reconstructing Input Parameter Models from Combinatorial Test Suites Combinatorial interaction testing (CIT) is a black box testing approach which generates a set of (abstract) test cases from a given input parameter model. Existing algorithms try to minimize the number of test cases while preserving a certain coverage of the… Read more

2018-006 - Stefan Ossendorf - Master Thesis

Model-based Test Script Generation

Model-driven Test Script Generation from Abstract Test Data Models Application systems represent an important group of software systems in today’s companies. One main characteristic of these systems is their usage of databases to store customer or product information. However, the databases can add additional complexity to the testing activities… Read more

2018-003 - Niels Willig - Master Thesis

Using BPMN to model Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Using BPMN to model Continuous Delivery Pipelines The application of Continuous Delivery promises reliable and short release cycles. Therefore more and more companies are implementing delivery processes for their software products. In doing so, they face a lot of different challenges. As part of a master thesis at the… Read more

2018-002 - Philipp Franke - Bachelor Thesis

Developing a Deployment Agent for the Internet of Things

DEVELOPMENT OF A DEPLOYMENT AGENT FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS Over the last decades, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) becomes more and more popular within the software development industry. However, applying CI/CD to embedded projects can be challenging. One critical challenge is the volatile environment Internet of Things devices… Read more

2018-001 - Sebastian Rabenhorst - Master Thesis

Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve Knapsack Problems

Motivation Aspera offers strategic software license management solutions that are supported by  SmartTrack. SmartTrack is a software solution that allows automated software license management and optimization for many different software products. In this thesis we will focus on the distribution of Microsoft SQL Server licenses in single and multi-cluster environments,… Read more

2017-015 - Marco Bähr - Bachelor Thesis

Developing a Service-Oriented Interface for a Heterogeneous Code Generator

When combining different architecture patterns and DevOps software projects become complex in structure. Using a code generator can ease the creation of new projects, but introduces the need to install the tool and keep it up to date. By providing it as a web service only one instance has to… Read more

2017-014 - Julian Schwarz - Bachelor Thesis

Code Smell Detection in Infrastructure As Code

IaC has been gaining popularity in recent years, because of its use in being able to maintain many systems with different architectures, software versions and configuration settings, by being faster, more reliable, repeatable and better testable. Since IaC practices treat configuration code similar to software code we should also care… Read more

2017-013 - Benedikt Holmes - Bachelor Thesis

Mining Changes of Build Processes in the Context of Continuous Integration

Mining Changes of Build Processes in the Context of Continuous Integration The use of Continuous Integration systems is a widely accepted and modern practice adopted by many open-source software (OSS) developers. As of yet there has been only little in-depth research on the understanding and usage of CI in OSS. Read more

2017-010 - Jan Döring - Master Thesis

An Architecture for Self-organizing Continuous Delivery Pipelines

An Architecture for Self-organizing Continuous Delivery Pipelines Attracted by the competitive advantages of being able to release software quickly and reliable, many organizations have adopted Continuous Delivery (CD) practices in recent years. However, both academia and industry have reported on several adoption challenges. One major challenge are the infrastructure… Read more

2017-006 - Jan Thomas - Master Thesis

Software Architecture Conformance Analysis – A Large-Scale Industrial Case Study

KISTERS AG – an international company and industry partner of the research group for Software Construction at RWTH Aachen University (SWC) – develops complex and business-critical software solutions. As non-functional properties (NFP) like understandability, maintainability, performance and security are directly influenced by the quality of the underlying software architecture, developing… Read more