Completed Theses

2019-026 - Lukas Lauterbach - Bachelor Thesis

Framework for the technical layer in behavior-driven development

Framework for the technical layer in behavior-driven development Abstract Automated end-to-end tests allow to check the correct functioning of web applications but introduce effort for developing and maintaining the tests. The effort is increased when a core software is tailored to customer needs resulting in multiple variations. The scenario-based testing… Read more

2019-023 - Raoul Offizier - Bachelor Thesis

State of the Art in Defensive Programming

Software is now important in almost all areas of society and is used by almost everyone everywhere. Dependence on software and the need for developers to secure their code is increasing very rapidly in times of growing cybersecurity threats. Errors can have serious consequences, which is why software needs to… Read more

2019-022 - Felix Friedberger - Bachelor Thesis

A distributed pipeline for large-scale OTDS processing

A distributed pipeline for large-scale OTDS processing Abstract Processing increasing amounts of data requires the processing implementation to be scalable. There are two scalability approaches: Vertical scalability describes the ability to scale with the resources of a single node executing the data processing workload. This approach is limited by the… Read more

2019-018 - Daniel Höppe - Bachelor Thesis

Industrial IoT: Edge Device App Store & Digital Twins

Manufacturing companies need to be more efficient, productive and achieve new environmental standards while still providing low-cost products with regard to the competition. A digital production enables large-scale productivity gains, but also requires large amounts of data. As production environments are inherently heterogeneous it is often not easy to record… Read more

2019-010 - Haron Samy Nqiri - Bachelor Thesis

Building an Experimental Environment for Edge Devices in the Context of Industry 4.0

Ziel dieser Bachelorarbeit ist es eine softwaregestützte Experimentierumgebung zu erstellen. Sie dient der Evaluation der Performanz von Edge Devices, insbesondere dem LoopEdge, im Vergleich zu OPC-Systemen. Es wird eine Applikation zur Steuerung, Planung und Konfiguration der Tests und Experimente erstellt. Weiterhin werden entsprechende Szenarien getestet, die Aufschluss über das Performanz-Verhalten… Read more

2019-009 - Ivan Kirchev - Bachelor Thesis

Java-based Combinatorial Test Modeling

Combinatorial testing is a black-box testing technique, which detects failures in the system under test. It reduces the number of test cases compared to exhaustive testing by applying combination strategies. Many generation algorithms and combinatorial testing tools have already been developed. Recent studies have focused on the integration of combinatorial… Read more

2019-008 - Sabine Lüttgen - Master Thesis

Contract-based Data Flow Validation of BPMN Workflows for Microservices

Contract-based Data Flow Validation of BPMN Workflows for Microservices Abstract The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a well established notation for modelling business processes that can be executed by workflow engines.For the automatic workflow execution, every service task of a BPMN workflow has to be realized as… Read more

2019-007 - Vitalii Isaenko - Master Thesis

Towards a Catalog of Refactorings for Microservices

Attracted by the competitive advantages of newly emerged architectural style many organizations have adopted microservices practices in recent years. While the style has valuable benefits it comes with several tradeoffs. The major problem in adopting the architectural style is high complexity on the architectural level that leads to severe problems… Read more

2019-002 - Kemal Deniz Kesmez - Bachelor Thesis

Domain-driven Development of a Microservice-based Taxation Application

Domain-driven Development of a Microservice-based Taxation Application Taxation is a highly complex domain which is influenced by a lot of factors. To implement taxation in microservice-based e-commerce platform poses many challenges. There are numerous cross-cutting concerns between taxation and other domains within e-commerce, making it hard to… Read more

2018-019 - Mario Fiestelmann - Bachelor Thesis

Entwicklung einer DSL zum Modellieren von realistischem Flottenverhaltenam Beispiel des öffentlichen Nahverkehrs

Simulationsanwendungen für Nahverkehrsnetze stellen sich als recht starre und nur langsam anpassbare Softwareanwendungen heraus. Die genaue Nachbildung realistischer Szenarien und Verhaltensweisen von Fahrer*innen öffentlicher Verkehrsmittel im Nahverkehr ist in diesen Anwendungen mit hohem Programmieraufwand verbunden. Diese Arbeit setzt sich daher das Ziel, eine domänenspezifische Sprache in der Domäne der Nahverkehrssimulation… Read more