Completed Theses

2020-013 - Josef Hoppe - Bachelor Thesis

An Infrastructure for Mutation-based Evaluation of Testing Strategies

Software testing is an active field of research aimed at improving the quality of real-world software. Test suites, which are composed of test cases, are used to test software. Test cases are selected according to a testing strategy or test case selection criterion. New testing strategies and test case selection… Read more

2020-011 - Semih Burak - Bachelor Thesis

Constructing Input Parameter Models from Sample Data

Black-box testing is nowadays unavoidable, especially when it comes to system or acceptance testing. The main problem in testing a function or system “completely” is the fact that testing the large number of possible input value combinations is practically unfeasible. One successful strategy to reduce the number of test cases… Read more

2020-010 - Barry-Detlef Lehmann - Bachelor Thesis

Towards a Catalogue of Process-Related Enterprise Architecture Smells

Process anti-patterns are a common technique for documenting counterproductive solutions to reoccurring problems. Process smells document a similar thing while only signaling that they could be a potential problem. Research, in this field, has analyzed and characterized anti-patterns in business processes; however, these business processes are mostly modeled in BPMN,… Read more

2020-005 - Johannes Darms - Master Thesis

Semi-Autonomous Planning of Software Delivery Processes

According to Laukkannen multiple adaption problems of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and, Continuous Deployment exist. Besides that maintenance of those software delivery processes is a labour intensive work and their quality decreases over time. Hence, an approach to reduce the required adoption and maintenance effort is desirable. Software delivery processes… Read more

2020-002 - Thomas Cujé - Master Thesis

Collaborative Build with JARVIS

Driven by current problems in build systems the JARVIS next generation continuous delivery system is being developed. Numerous tools and agile development processes as the new standard show that collaboration has become a very important aspect in modern software development. In spite of this, tasks such as definition, testing and… Read more

2020-001 - Michael Beyer - Master Thesis

An Automated Quality Framework For EA Model Assessment

An Automated Quality Framework For EA Model Assessment In Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management it has long been understood that enterprise architecture models represent a vital data stock which is the foundation for crucial planning and decision making tasks in complex businesses. But there is still a lack of metric-based quantitative… Read more

2019-029 - Radina Antonova - Bachelor Thesis

Business-process-centered Approaches to Software Architecture: A Systematic Mapping Study

  Businesses nowadays integrate software systems to support their business processes. Since business processes often must be adapted to changing business requirements, the supporting software systems need to be evaluated and evolved accordingly. To ease such efforts, theories and approaches have been developed to align software architecture with dynamic business… Read more

2019-027 - Chrisopher Gerdes - Bachelor Thesis

Usage-based Discovery of a Fragmentation for a Distributed Database

Fragmentation is an important aspect of the design of a distributed database (DDB). Many approaches exploit knowledge about the applications that are using the database (DB) to find the perfect split of the DB. Finding a fragmentation where this knowledge is not at hand can be difficult. However, if the… Read more

2019-025 - Marco Bähr - Master Thesis

Developing an Operator Framework for Kubernetes

Operators are a concept that allow the integration of application specific knowledge into Kubernetes. An operator extends the Kubernetes API by creating a custom resource and it’s implementation in form of a custom controller. The operator needs to be notified on changes of API objects in order to adjust the… Read more

2019-021 - Joel Hermanns - Master Thesis

Continuous Operations in the Context od Edge Computing

Modern infrastructure and software systems are moving away from central data centers or cloud regions towards the edge of the infrastructure closer to the user. This trend results in highly distributed architecture for the software and imposes new problems and challenges for the operators of the software. Due to the… Read more