Completed Theses

2020-030 - Bernd Schoolmann - Bachelor Thesis

Multi-cluster resource usage optimization by dynamic compute node borrowing

Compute Resource Lending Across Multiple Clusters Abstract This thesis investigates the problem of sharing resources between different compute clusters by lending them. In order to solve the problem, a software architecture in the form of a framework is provided. The central mechanism to manage the borrowing of resources consists of… Read more

2020-029 - Sophoan Sok - Master Thesis

Optimizing Compute Resource Usage Using Full Rescheduling

A series of new QoS challenges can be used to pose constraints on workflow schedulers. For this reason, the schedulers sometime cannot generate an optimal schedule based on the available information. Even though many schedulers using various techniques ranging from simple modified approaches to complex algorithms based on task prediction… Read more

2020-023 - Niklas Münzer - Bachelor Thesis

Engineering a reliable and stateful Software Service for a Container Orchestration Environment

As container orchestration environments, like Kubernetes, get more popular due to their simpler deployment, problems arise. With this, certain requirements for those orchestration environments become essential, one of which is the reliability of the software services it contains. This thesis presents recommendations that help to achieve a reliable software service,… Read more

2020-022 - Gregorius Ian Halisantoso - Bachelor Thesis

Development of a Metric Selection Tool

Metrics are valuable for a software company to assess the quality of their software in several aspects. However, selecting suitable metrics to gain the appropriate insight is not a trivial matter. Even though many frameworks for selecting metrics exist, the metric selection process is usually done by humans which is… Read more

2020-021 - Marc Luqué - Bachelor Thesis

Evaluation of Learning Objectives for an Introductory Course in Programming

The evaluation of an introductory programming course can be a challenging task. Developing metrics to evaluate whether the students satisfied the learning objectives requires the consideration of aspects from didactic and programming perspectives. From a programming perspective, the manual assessment of programming submissions is undesirable. Thus, an automatic process is… Read more

2020-019 - Frederic Gorski - Bachelor Thesis

Knowledge Modeling for cross-organizational DevOps Teams

Knowledge Modeling for cross-organizational DevOps Teams DevOps is a well known means to support the development of software by removing the borders between development and operations teams in software development projects. Software is continuously evolving and is not finished after it is shipped to the customer. Thus, DevOps strives… Read more

2020-018 - Tim Jentzsch - Bachelor Thesis

Progress Monitoring for an Introductory Course in Programming

Progress Monitoring for an Introductory Course in Programming Note: This thesis topic is strongly related to the preliminary course in programming that is offered in German language only. Thus a basic level in the German language is required. Abstract The RWTH Aachen University offers a preliminary course in computer science… Read more

2020-017 - Joshua Bonn - Master Thesis

Test Case Prioritization for Combinatorial Testing

Combinatorial testing is a model-based black-box testing technique which aims to reduce the number of required test cases while still providing high failure detection capabilities. To this end, it divides the input and environment of the system under test into a finite number of parameters and values. The combinatorial coverage… Read more

2020-016 - Anton Stanchev - Bachelor Thesis

A framework for the visual exploration of workflow schedules

A framework for the visual exploration of workflow schedules Scheduling is a part of every multitasking system. It is crucial to its performance and that is why it is important to be able to monitor it. This way the system can be maintained, improved and some useful meta information can… Read more

2020-014 - Alexander Bartolomey - Bachelor Thesis

Using Kubernetes Operators for Distributed Data Processing Pipelines

Big Data and data processing has been the center of many emerged businesses over the last decade. As data amounts grow beyond treatability by single processors, scalability has become a rising concern for implementing efficient and fast structures to process data. Particularly, as data outgrows compute performance, scaling data processing… Read more