Completed Theses

2021-021 - Dominik Lammers - Bachelor Thesis

A generator for activity network diagrams

A generator for activity network diagrams Activity network diagrams (ANDs) are an important means of work planning in (software) projects. They are directed graphs showing the dependencies of all defined work packages of a project as well as their duration and thus the overall time to be planned and… Read more

2021-019 - Byoungkyu Park - Master Thesis

Scalable, high-performance data validation in hydrometeorological applications

In the era of big data, the increasing number of sensors and their data necessitate new approaches to meet the requirements. Especially, data validation is a crucial part since the data quality will eventually affect the whole following processes using data. In hydrometeorology, recent unusual weather events and climate change… Read more

2021-018 - Md. Monis Khan - Master Thesis

Modeling Event Driven Systems for Integration Testing

Service-based architectures, like microservices or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), are commonly built with synchronous request-response protocols or asynchronous event-driven communication. The advantage of event-driven communication is, that systems can be decoupled and outages of one system do not affect the availability of others. However, the approach also hides the actual… Read more

2021-017 - David Kierdorf - Bachelor Thesis

Developing a DSL-based Load Generator for Timeseries Processing Systems

Performance testing of time series processing systems requires a high amount of technical knowledge. Some stakeholders in the software development process lack the required knowledge and therefor cannot understand let alone write performance tests for their systems. Also, writing performance tests in programming languages is time consuming. Read more

2021-016 - Sara Prifti - Bachelor Thesis

Modelling and Exploration of Event-Driven Architectures

Event-Driven Architecture is gaining an important role in component system design, for being scalable, highly flexible and for their concurrency. Their advantage of containing decoupled components is seen as a solution when modelling complex systems with heterogeneous components. However, developing event-based systems is very complex. On… Read more

2021-015 - Nan Than Than Soe - Master Thesis

Conceptual Design of Test Automation Framework for Public Transportation Systems

Type: Bachelor Thesis Status: Completed ID: 2021-021 Student: Dominik Lammers Test automation supports organizations in developing better products as they gain quick feedback and thus lower the risk of bottlenecks and service disruptions that hinder customer experience. Nevertheless, software testing has always been a time-consuming task. Furthermore, the… Read more

2021-014 - Lianne Kirsten Bonita Visperas - Master Thesis

Cloud-Native Benchmarking of Geospatial Time Series Array Storages for System Optimized Efficient Data Retrieval and Extractions

Type: Bachelor Thesis Status: Completed ID: 2021-021 Student: Dominik Lammers Hydrological-gridded geospatial datasets are increasing in volumes and the current storage solutions becoming I/O bound and not system performant due to a variety of storage choices and access patterns in several different applications. The issue is highly dependent… Read more

2021-013 - Ada Slupczynski - Master Thesis

Towards a Framework for Evaluating the Prudence of Enterprise Architecture Debts

Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework was introduced to support the companies in reaching their to-be goals. By combining the overview over the whole company, EA provides a more holistic view of the enterprise. Enterprise Architecture Debt (EAD) is used to describe the deviation of the as-is state of the company from… Read more

2021-012 - Ather Maqsood - Master Thesis

A Viewpoint-Based Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Debt

Enterprise architecture (EA) debt represents the deviation in the process of fulfilling the target picture of EA. It introduces both monetary and nonmonetary consequences to the organization, such as sunk costs, increasing operational costs, and difficulties for future strategic executions. To deal with EA debts, all relevant stakeholders must first… Read more