Using BPMN to model Continuous Delivery Pipelines

The application of Continuous Delivery promises reliable and short release cycles. Therefore more and more companies are implementing delivery processes for their software products. In doing so, they face a lot of different challenges.

As part of a master thesis at the research group Software Construction of RWTH Aachen University, the software delivery system JARVIS was implemented to overcome various of these challenges. This thesis examines state-of-the-art continuous delivery languages and systems and identifies important characteristics of both. Beside the theoretical qualification of BPMN as a modelling language for delivery processes, the language is integrated into the software delivery system JARVIS.

The implementation illustrates the well suitability of using BPMN as a delivery process modelling language. During modelling time, the users are supported by an integrated modelling tool. The thesis is concluded by the application of analysis methods originated from BPM.

  • Type: Master Thesis
  • Status: Completed
  • ID: 2018-003
  • Student: Niels Willig