Towards The Refactoring of Enterprise Architecture Smells

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline for holistically organizing and modeling strategic assets (e.g. business processes, IT infrastructure). The resulting EA models are then used by architects to support and steer decision-making processes toward the desired state of the enterprise. To support continuous quality improvement of EA models, the architects should first be able to recognize any EA design flaw/shortcoming, which recently has been referred to as EA smell. A catalog of 45 EA smells has recently been proposed with the aim to support architects to identify and communicate EA smells. However, among others, the current state of the catalog still lacks well-defined, concrete solutions for mitigating the EA smells. To address this shortcoming, this study aims to further extend the catalog with suggestions for EA refactoring solutions. To achieve that, known code refactoring solutions will be collected, transformed into the domain of EA and finally evaluated through quantitative/qualitative assessments.

This topic requires knowledge in enterprise/software architecture, software quality, and object-oriented programming as well as programming skills to develop an application prototype.



  1. Introduction to EA
  2. Thesis on the catalog of EA smells
  3. Catalog of refactorings


  • Type: Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis
  • Status: Open