Towards a Catalog of Refactorings

for Microservices

Attracted by the competitive advantages of newly emerged architectural style many organizations have adopted microservices practices in recent years. While the style has valuable benefits it comes with several tradeoffs. The major problem in adopting the architectural style is high complexity on the architectural level that leads to severe problems with system’s maintainability. The thesis presents a catalog of refactoring techniques that help to cope with degrading software paying off the technical debt. The evaluation of the results demonstrated validity of the chosen approach as well as applicability of the proposed refactoring techniques in industry. Chosen approach guarantees reliability of the techniques as they are based on the proven traditional refactorings. Overall, the presented catalog is usable in practice and the work brings value for research and industry due to evaluation results.

  • Type: Master Thesis
  • Status: Completed
  • ID: 2019-007
  • Student: Vitalii Isaenko