Modelling and Exploration of Event-Driven Architectures

Event-Driven Architecture is gaining an important role in component system design, for
being scalable, highly flexible and for their concurrency. Their advantage of containing
decoupled components is seen as a solution when modelling complex systems with heterogeneous
components. However, developing event-based systems is very complex. On
top of that, there are no means to analyse and explore them due to the non-determinism
and for being unintuitive.
Therefore, this thesis focuses on these problems and provides a solution for model
description, model visualization, exploration, and analysis. The technology used for the
visualization is Neo4j, a graph database platform, which has its own query language.
The developer will have the possibility to describe the model using a developed domainspecific
language, explore it with a detailed view of service workflow including service
dependencies, and to perform a static analysis on the model in order to check for possible
design errors at the design time.