Enhancing the MeDIC Meta-Models by EJB Conformant Variability Concepts




Managing is an important task during software development. Effective management requires transparency; metrics achieve transparency and provide the basis to monitor and control the different tasks that have to be managed. The different tasks will inevitably lead to different metrics. These metrics need to be specified.

We build a tool that allows the specification of metrics. They are specified through different data fields. These data fields are derived out of the process that we use to specify metrics. The tool also supports the communication between the different stakeholders involved in the metric specification process.

The tool is a J2EE application consisting of three layers. The first layer represents the user interface. This is based on JPS / Servlet technology. The business logic of the application is included in the second layer and bases on EJB 3.0. This layer also includes the domain model that reflects the data model on the third layer of the application. The object relational mapping is done using JPA 2.0.


The aim of the internship is to enhance the metric specification tool. This includes adding new functionality to the tool as well as refactorings that just effect the internal structure of the tool. Also we want to rework the data fields that are used to specify the metrics. They should related on the Metric-Meta-Model, that is developed at the research group software construction, rather than on the process.