DevOps: Using Kubernetes Operators inside the Internet of Production

Kubernetes is one of the emerging technologies in recent times. A lot of companies adopted Containerization and Kubernetes as a new way of operating and managing complex software systems.

With Kubernetes the concept of Operators emerged, which a custom build Kubernetes controller, with the focus to encapsulating the operational knowledge to operate a specific piece of software in Kubernetes. In a recent thesis a JAVA Framework to develop Operators was developed at the SWC.

Taking a closer look at Kubernetes, one can find additional use cases to make use of the Kubernetes infrastructure. The Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” (IoP) uses Kubernetes to model and orchestrate production processes. The target of this thesis is to evaluate if the concept of Operators can help in representing, modeling, operating and monitoring complex production processes. The thesis will incorporate the evaluation of Kubernetes Operators in one or two real world scenarios. The evaluation will take place at the Chair for Laser Technology (LLT).

A student apply for this thesis should have an extensive knowledge of JAVA.
A-priori knowledge of Kubernetes is not required but an advantage.

This thesis is offered in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” (IoP) and co-supervised by Moritz Kröger of the LLT.

  • Type: Master Thesis
  • Status: Open