Cost Estimation for Deployments to Clouds using TOSCA

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This is a thesis project for bachelor students.

Automating not only software application deployments but also provisioning the required infrastructure, e.g., load balancers and servers, has become increasingly popular in the DevOps community. The automation can be done by writing Infrastructure as code, which can then be executed to provision the infrastructure from a cloud provider using its APIs. Due to the many cloud providers’ different APIs and cloud services, it is a challenge to write provider-independent infrastructure code. Yet, this independency is important when an organization operating software wants to avoid the risk of a vendor lock in. The Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) is a standard that enables the provisioning and lifecycle management of infrastructure independent of a specific cloud provider. With this the benefit gained from the cloud provider independence is not yet exhausted. If organizations could assess the estimated costs of their deployments for different cloud providers, they could use this information to move to the provider offering the best price. However, finding cloud providers matching the deployment requirements and calculating the costs is not a trivial task, and most certainly a tedious one if done manually.

In this thesis project a prototype of a software tool should be developed that can calculate a cost estimation for a given TOSCA specification for different cloud providers. For this, the thesis student will have to

  • conduct a thorough literature research;
  • get familiar with relevant parts of the TOSCA specification (version 1.3 that contains examples and the most recent version 2.0);
  • identify parts of the specification that are relevant to cost calculation;
  • understand cost calculation mechanism for respective cloud services (most likely this will be limited to virtual & dedicated servers in this thesis) of at least three cloud providers;
  • develop a software prototype that can parse relevant parts of a given TOSCA specification and output prices for the considered cloud providers; and, of course,
  • write the thesis report.

This thesis is a follow-up project of another bachelor thesis. Materials of the other thesis will be provided.

  • Type: Bachelor Thesis
  • Status: Current
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