A framework for the visual exploration of workflow schedules

Scheduling is a part of every multitasking system. It is crucial to its performance and that is why it is important to be able to monitor it. This way the system can be maintained, improved and some useful meta information can be extracted from the workflow process. The problem is that in most of the cases all the information about the workflow process is stored in logs, which makes it hard to be interpreted from a human. In this work, a tool is introduced, that takes the idea of the Gantt charts and improves it in order to visualize the workflow process in a selected time span. In order to make the extraction of information as easy as possible even in situations where visualization is really crowded, the tool provides interaction possibilities and filtering options. The implementation of the tool is done as a web framework using the VueJS framework and the Vuex library from Vue, which allows reactive rendering and flexibility when using the tool as a developer or a client. To assess the usefulness of the application, we conducted a case study with developers and non-developers. All of the participants grasped an overview of the workflow process and managed to extract technical and meta information.