Current Projects

Transformation towards Test Automation

Nils Wild

Test automation is a central requirement in DevOps, which many companies adopt to increase the quality of their products and reduce the time to market. Despite the efforts, most companies still rely on manual testing to assess the functionality of their products. Besides the time to automate Tests, expertise is… Read more

Enterprise Architecture Debt

Peter Alexander

Enterprise Architecture Debt IT initiatives have constituted a major proportion of the overall strategic initiatives in today’s businesses. To fulfill the full potential of IT investments, bridging all gaps between business and IT is the first fundamental step. Such alignment has been the core focus of Enterprise Architecture, a discipline… Read more

Scalable distributed data processing with microservices

Christian Plewnia

Scalable distributed data processing with microservices Processing increasingly large amounts of data requires the underlying system to be scalable. A system can be designed to scale with the resources of a single computer using shared-memory parallelization. Another approach is to scale with the number of computers by splitting up a… Read more

DevOps-aware Software Engineering

Andreas Steffens

DevOps-aware Software Engineering: A tight integration of methods from software engineering and software operation the software development process can speed up with an expected higher quality. As systematic approach of transforming and extending the software development is still missing. In this project we establish DevOps-aware Software Engineering in an industrial context and analyses its impact on software architecture, infrastructure and organization. Read more