Completed Projects

Business-Centered Software Development

Peter Alexander

Business-Centered Software Development Software development is a major investment for any company. To maximize the return, the process of software development needs to be governed strategically. Such governance can be achieved only if IT and business decision-makers collaborate in harmony. The attempts to bridge the gap between IT and business… Read more

Scalable distributed data processing with microservices

Christian Plewnia

Scalable distributed data processing with microservices Processing increasingly large amounts of data requires the underlying system to be scalable. A system can be designed to scale with the resources of a single computer using shared-memory parallelization. Another approach is to scale with the number of computers by splitting up a… Read more

EARTh – integrated Enterprise Architecture Roundtrip approach

Simon Hacks

In this research project an approach should be developed aiming at a continuous and systematic alignment of the project architectures to the enterprise architecture and vice versa. Based on the consistent architecture the current state can be assessed and alternative evolutionary scenarios can be created and evaluated. Read more

Cost/Benefit-based Technical Debt Management

Muhammad Firdaus Harun

Technical Debt Management Implementing a payback strategy to reduce the technical debt (TD) is a must for every software organization, as TD exists in most software systems. If we do not cautiously manage the debt or have no strategy to pay it back, the system finally may go to… Read more

Regression Test Optimization

Andrej Dyck , Christian Plewnia

Techniques that reduce the execution time of regression tests are desirable. While various techniques are researched, they are often not applicable in and are not known to the industry. We investigate how these techniques can be applied to and integrated into industry projects. Read more

Model-based Software Architecture Evolution and Evaluation

Ana Nicolaescu

Model-based Architecture Evolution and Evaluation The architecture of software systems directly influences crucial quality attributes and therefore should be considered whenever important decisions regarding their evolution must be taken. However, up-to-date descriptions that correctly reflect the system’s architecture rarely exist. Architecture descriptions are usually elaborated at the beginning of… Read more

Goal-based Process Improvement

Simona Jeners

Goal-based Process Improvement Nowadays, the software market is expanding and clients are requesting better, faster, and cheaper software products. One important impact factor to project success is the quality of the applied IT-processes. Hence, more and more organizations are obligated to identify, structure, and improve their processes systematically. There is… Read more

Interactive Use Case based Prototyping

Veit Hoffmann

Interactive Use Case based Prototyping Prototyping is a widely accepted technique to evaluate complex system behavior. Prototypes are especially helpful to analyze use cases that many stakeholders find complicated due to their abstractness and fragmentation. Nowadays prototypes are typically created manually and they are not directly connected to other requirements… Read more

Metric-Based Project and Process Management

Matthias Vianden

Metric-Based Project and Process Management It is commonly known, that projects management greatly benefit by the application of metrics. However, research shows that it is demanding to find the right metrics; 58% of all project managers and 50% of all senior managers find it difficult to collect, analyze, and use… Read more