Paper accepted @ QuASoQ 2021!

Lukas Liss, Henrik Kämmerling, Peter Alexander and Horst Lichter:

Towards a Catalog of Refactoring Solutions for Enterprise Architecture Smells


The model of enterprise architecture (EA) is often a primary means of steering the business-IT development. It helps to ensure EA qualities in many ways, including identification of weaknesses in an EA or the signs thereof. Such weaknesses have been addressed through the study of EA smell, which focuses on common bad habits in EA practices. Although EA smell problems have been described in various contexts, current solutions lack the basis of evidence and practical details that are necessary for their adoption. Therefore, this study seeks to gain new insights into the solution domain of EA smells by exploring current knowledge about refactoring solutions. We present our findings in a catalog of EA refactoring solutions intended to serve as food for thought for future research directions.

The paper is published at the 9th QuASoQ workshop.