Papers accepted @ IWCT 2020!

Torben Friedrichs, Konrad Fögen and Horst Lichter:
A Comparison Infrastructure for Fault Characterization Algorithms


Fault characterization is an important part of combinatorial testing which enables the automatic identification of failure-inducing combinations. Up until now, many different algorithms are proposed to compute failure-inducing combinations. However, the only comparisons between different algorithms are done by the algorithms authors themselves who only evaluate few algorithms at a time which complicates comparisons.
Therefore, we present a concept and a reference implementation of a comparison infrastructure that allows to evaluate fault characterization algorithms in a comparable manner.
In addition, we report on the results of a preliminary comparison using the comparison infrastructure..

Konrad Fögen and Horst Lichter:
Generation of Invalid Test Inputs from Over-Constrained Test Models for Combinatorial Robustness Testing


Testing with invalid test inputs is important to evaluate the robustness of a system. Combinatorial robustness testing is an approach to generate valid and invalid test inputs separately. Unfortunately, it is easy to create over-constrained test models. As a result, not all specified invalid values or invalid value combinations appear in the test suite. Previous work proposed to repair the test model manually or semi-automatically based on conflict detection and diagnosis techniques.
In this paper, we extent that work and present a fully-automatic approach that allows to generate invalid test inputs from over-constrained test models based on alternative constraint handling strategies.

The papers will be presented at IWCT 2020, held in Porto, Portugal.