Paper accepted @ IWCT 2019!

Joshua Bonn, Konrad Fögen and Horst Lichter:
A Framework for Automated Combinatorial Test Generation, Execution, and Fault Characterization


Fault characterization is an important part of combinatorial testing, enabling it to automatically narrow down failed test inputs to specific failure-inducing combinations. As most current fault characterization algorithms adaptively generate more test inputs based on previous test execution results, a framework that integrates modelling, generation, execution, and fault characterization is necessary.
Until now, no such framework exists, resulting in much manual work needed to identify failure-inducing combinations. We therefore introduce COFFEe, which is a framework for completely automatic combinatorial testing and fault characterization. In this paper, we derive an architecture for the framework and present coffee4j, a Java implementation of COFFEe that integrates the JUnit5 test framework.

The paper will be presented at  8th International Workshop on Combinatorial Testing (IWCT 2019) held in Xian, China.