S. Hacks, A. Steffens, P. Hansen, N. Rajashekar:
A Continuous Delivery Pipeline for EA model Evolution


The pace of changing structures and complexity within enterprise architecture (EA) models is expected to increase. This will challenge existing maintenance processes of EA models. To tackle this challenge, we propose to adapt the well-known concept of continuous delivery (CD) from the agile software development domain. We propose to automate the necessary steps to ensure EA model quality by applying multiple validation and analysis steps. Therefore, this results shorter feedback loops and helps to uncover possible conflict as early as possible.

To create a CD pipeline for EA model evolution, we rely on the means of design science research (DSR). In a first step, we utilize existing EA model maintenance/evolution processes to sketch the design of the pipeline. Second, we implement the pipeline within the tool JARVIS and enrich it by some control measures to ensure EA model’s quality. Last, the pipeline is checked against 54 test cases inspired by equivalence class tests.

The paper will be presented at EMMSAD 2019, held in Rome, Italy.