Paper accepted @ EDOC 2019!

Simon Hacks, Alexander Hacks, Sotirios Katsikeas, Benedikt Klaer, and Robert Lagerström:
Creating Meta Attack Language Instances using ArchiMate: Applied to Electric Power and Energy System Cases


Cyber attacks on power assets can have disastrous consequences for individuals, regions, and whole nations. In order to respond to these threats, the assessment of power grids’ and plants’ cyber security can foster a higher degree of safety for the whole infrastructure dependent on power. Hitherto, we propose the use of attack simulations based on system architecture models. To reduce the effort of creating new attack graphs for each system of a given type, domain-specific attack languages may be employed. They codify common attack logics of the considered domain.

Previously, MAL (the Meta Attack Language) was proposed, which serves as a framework to develop domain specific attack languages. We extend the tool set of MAL by developing an approach to model security domains in ArchiMate notation. Next, those models are facilitated to create a MAL instance, which reflects the concepts modeled in ArchiMate. These instances serve as input to simulate attacks on certain systems. To show the applicability of our approach, we conduct two case studies in the power domain. On the one hand, we model a thermal power plant and possible attacks on it. On the other hand, we facilitate the attack on the Ukrainian power grid.

The paper will be presented at EDOC 2019, held in Paris, France.