Oral Colloquium

Topics for the oral colloquium can be chosen from the following list of lectures (the majority of the chosen lectures has to be given by Prof. Lichter)

  • Prof. Lichter
    Object oriented Software Construction (6 CP)
    Software Quality Assurance (6 CP)
    Software Project Management (4 CP)
  • Prof. Rumpe
    Model based Software Development (6 CP)
    Generative Software Development (6 CP)
  • Prof. Nagl
    Software Architectures (6 CP)
  • Dr. Kriebel
    Prozesse und Methoden beim Testen von Software (3 CP)

Please contact Prof. Lichter to agree on the details and the date!

For SSE students:
The oral colloquium has to be registered at ZPA by the student, after the date is defined!
Otherwise, it cannot take place !!!!