IVU guest lecture @ OOSC!

In the context of the OOSC lecture, Mirko Hartmann, a Senior Software Engineer from IVU Traffic Technologies AG, will talk about:

Migrating to a broker-based communication infrastructure using RabbitMQ

Time: Wednesday, 08.01.2020, 10:30-12:00
Location: Lecture Hall AH III, Ahornstr. 55

Communication between a multitude of independent distributed runtime systems using many different technologies can quickly become very complex. In an effort to streamline the communication between different systems of the PTO suite, we have decided to move towards a broker-based approach using RabbitMQ. In this talk, we will examine the state of the PTO suite before the migration and have a look at the problems that arose from its complex communication infrastructure. We will review how broker-based approaches work conceptually, how we have decided to build our communication infrastructure around RabbitMQ and how this solution can alleviate many of the problems described before. Towards the end of the session, we will examine the current state of the migration and describe lessons we have learned in the process.