Prototype demos of software development lab 2020 “Many ways to travel”

Before you jump to the demo links below, please note:

  • The prototype user interface is in German.
  • The demos are accessible for a short time only since free education credits for Amazon’s AWS hosting service are limited. We will probably shut down the server end of July 2020.
  • The students were provided with a very reduced generated content in order to focus on what is important. The content is randomly generated and thus does not reflect any real offers. You can notice this when searching for offers in Berlin since the real Berlin unfortunately does not have that many Hotels with beaches and swimming pools 😉 .
  • You might experience slow page loading speed. In this case this might be caused by many people accessing the pages and the rather limited compute resources we provided the students with in order to serve their webservice. We provided the students with a Kubernetes cluster with only a single small server (the reason is again that credits for the AWS are limited). Please try again later if it is too slow.
  • The prototypes were not optimized for devices other than desktop/laptop screens since this was not in the focus of this lab. For the best experience, view the demos at your PC or laptop.
  • For many of the bachelor students, this was the first practical project. The educational goal of this course was that the students learn to work as a team and that they familiarize themselves with new technology they need to solve the given task.
  • You probably can find some bugs that may be caused by limitations of the search and content data that we provided to the students or because you are looking at prototypes by students and not at polished products by senior developers.
  • We thank the AVV and VBB for providing access to their APIs for this lab. 🙂

Prototype demos

Note, you can only search travels with

  • a duration of 2 to 8 days;
  • a start date in April, May, and June 2020 (July is not included); and
  • Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris as destination.

Enjoy the demos listed below in the order of their appearance in the final presentation:

  1. Team “Goofy”
  2. Team “Coyote”
  3. Team “Bugs”

Further questions?

Feel free to contact the supervisors of the lab: