Lab 2019: prototype demonstration

Before you jump to the demo links below, please note:

  • The demos are hosted by the students for a short time only (free education credits for Amazon’s AWS hosting service are limited 😉 ).
  • The prototypes were not optimized for mobile devices since this was not in the focus of this lab. For the best experience, view the demos at your PC or laptop.
  • A very reduced content was provided by Amadeus Leisure IT for this lab to allow the students to focus on what is important. The content is generated and does not reflect any real offers. You can only find offers for travels lasting 5, 6, or 7 days within a few months of 2019 (July is included).
  • For many of the bachelor students, this is the first practical project. The educational goal of this course was that the students learn to work as a team and that they familiarize themselves with new technology they need to solve the given task.
  • You probably can find some bugs that may be caused by limitations of the search and content data that we provided to the students.

Enjoy the demos listed below in the order of their appearance in the final presentation.


Further questions?

Feel free to contact the supervisors of the lab: