Tooling for architecture assessments




One of the every day concerns of a software architect is that there is no certainty whether the architecture descriptions that he is using for taking decisions are still up-to-date or whether the software evolution, driven by time to market and cost constraints, has rendered them out-dated and thus useless. Tool support is needed to aid the architect to efficiently reconstruct the actual state of the architecture description.
Within the ARAMIS project, we have developed a solution for monitoring the behaviour of software, map it on architecture units and validate it according to pre-specified architectural rules.
The major goal of this lab is to further enhance ARAMIS with new visualizations, analysis and monitoring techniques.
More information regarding the ARAMIS Project can be found here.
The participants will be divided in groups. Within each group, ARAMIS will be enriched with a new functionality, as it will be discussed in the Kick-off meeting. The students will work with a variety of technologies and programming languages such as: Java, Spring, HTML5, D3, AngularJS, MongoDB, etc. The atlassian tool stack (jira for issue tracking, stash for managing git repositories, confluence for managing documentation) will be used throughout the lab to support typical software development activities.


The lab registration is centrally managed by the “Fachgruppe Informatik”.


  • Strong interest in software engineering
  • Strong interest in programming
  • Strong interest in research


    • Kick OIff

26.10.2015; 14:00 – 16:00; Room 4025 a, building E1 (Halifaxstr., near the informatics library)
The presence at the kick-off is mandatory!

  • Tba

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