Building a Next-Generation Continuous Software Delivery System


Current Continuous Software Delivery Systems are not suitable for the emerging challenges in the field. Software companies like Netflix, Facebook and Google move to develop custom delivery solutions.
At our chair we developed a new Continuous Delivery System. This system incorporates a modern microservice-based software architecture and new concepts for dealing with software delivery challenges.
In this lab we are gonna extend this system and evaluate new ideas and concepts.

Applicants for this lab should have a profound programming background in their preferred language.

More Info:

Possible areas

  • new visualisation techniques and interaction concepts
  • using AI planning to automate pipeline generation
  • evaluation of cloud delivery strategies
  • infrastructure generation for testing purposes
  • continuous delivery for industry 4.0


To be announced.


  • none so far


  • profund programming background
  • interest in the field


Andreas Steffens