Full-scale Software Engineering 2020

Software engineering is a broad area of study and research. Courses in software engineering usually focus on topics related to the development of software, e.g. requirements engineering, software design, implementation, testing, and project management. However, there are other topics that software engineers have to deal with, like the maintenance and operation of software, automation of parts of the software development process, and scalability of deployed applications. This seminar introduces students to software engineering activities, problems, and practices that go beyond the topics taught in our software engineering courses.

Seminar Concept

The main goal of this seminar is to bring students closer to research by teaching how to write a scientific paper and how to present the findings. Consequently, the addressed topics are emerging questions in current research that will be tackled by students and supervisors. Moreover, this seminar will be conducted in a conference-like style. In the process, students will learn to

  • grasp a research problem;
  • search for literature;
  • write a paper;
  • submit the paper to the seminar’s internal research conference;
  • review papers of your fellow students and give feedback to them and, vice versa, receive review feedback;
  • prepare and give a good and straight-to-the-point presentation.

Moreover, to facilitate collaborative work, the students will write their paper in pairs of two.


Date Room What
presumably around 10th October t.b.a. Kick-off meeting: Presentation of topics & collection of preferences for topics
15th October Topic assignment
16th to 18th October Supervisor office Discuss topic, literature, etc. with supervisor
28th October to 1st November Supervisor office Discuss outline and related work with supervisor
10th November* Submit an abstract to a conference management system
24th November* Submit a draft version of a paper to your supervisor
25th to 29th November Supervisor office Discuss your draft with your supervisor
20th December* Submit first version to the conference management system
presumably around 9th January t.b.a. First academic presenting event
10th January* Submit your review for two other papers
presumably around 16th January t.b.a. Second academic presenting event
17th January* Submit final polished version to the conference management system
20th to 24th January Supervisor office Discuss your presentation with your supervisor
26th January* Submit a presentation for the paper
t.b.a. t.b.a. Present your paper at the internal seminar conference

t.b.a.: to be announced, * by 23:59 CET of the respective day


  • Application: A brief motivation (instead of courses and grades)
  • Strong interest in software engineering
  • Strong interest in research
  • Basic LaTeX knowledge
  • Write and talk in English

Successful participation requirements

A failure to fulfill these requirements will result in failing this seminar. If you cannot meet one of the requirements for a good reason, tell your supervisor at the earliest time possible to discuss how to proceed.

  • Attend kick-off meeting
  • Deliver all submissions before the deadline
  • Attend all appointments with the supervisor
  • Paper on your research topic with presumably 10 pages (in English)
  • Review two fellow students’ papers (in English)
  • Attend Academic Presenting I+II
  • Give your final presentation (in English)
  • Actively participate in the discussions following each presentation
  • Attend all presentations of the seminar